Crashlands Now Available on Switch

Butterscotch Shenanigans’ popular Android game, Crashlands, is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The crafting adventure game has RPG elements and was originally released in 2016. The launch trailer is provided below.

Crashlands is the story of Flux Dabes, a space courier, whose shuttle was ambushed and ransacked. The ship crashes on a foreign planet and Flux must now begin a journey to find all her missing supplies. The game allows the player to scavenge and collect resource as they look for missing packages. Players can build bases and create new weapons and armor as they collect items. The inventory system is unlimited and players have the ability to warp back to their home base from anywhere on the map. The Switch version is also adding a multiplayer mode where the second player takes control of Juicebox, Flux’s loyal sidekick. Crashlands comes with a full story to go along with the crafting aspect of the game and will offer plenty of sidequests for players to explore.



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