Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics Out Now on PC

Auroch Digital, alongside Ripstone Games and Modiphius Entertainment, have officially released Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics on PC. As a reminder for the game’s release, the game’s launch trailer — which features several brief character profiles and shots of gameplay — is still available. The game is currently on Steam for the price of $24.99/£19.99/€24.99.

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics is a tactical RPG set during an alternate World War II where Nazi Germany occultists known as the Order of the Black Sun have been uncovering and attempting to use eldritch forces for their own ends. Players take control of an elite squad sent to disrupt their efforts and prevent them from unleashing the dark forces that could turn the tide of the war. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be launched later in 2018 with a Switch version to closely follow.



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