RPG Backtrack Episode 192: Harpies, Dragons and Cavalry, Oh My

The Saturn received a number of exclusive titles that have yet to be ported elsewhere, and among them were several Working Designs gems.  One that is very fondly remembered by those fortunate enough to have played it is Dragon Force, and there is quite a bit to say in its favor.

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  1. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    Glad Phil just out and said it because I was thinking HoMM the whole intro!

    While listening to the podcast, I was watching gameplay video of the games. Pretty neat, you’re correct that this is a nice-looking game and quite interesting/unique.

    Holy Cow, 210 hours on Rainbow Skies!? Not being a fan of TRPG, that’s amazing to me, but glad you liked it Mike!

    DQ7 is equally on par with DQ8 🙂

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