Arc of Alchemist Details Its World, Premise

Compile Heart has released more details and artwork for its upcoming title Arc of Alchemist. The update focuses on the game’s world and premise, also introducing its three main characters.

Arc of Alchemist is set on a desert world dotted with small countries that was supposedly known as a “water planet” in the distant past. To make up for the lack of resources, its human inhabitants created alchemy, but even this was insufficient to produce all of what the populace needed. As a result, wars broke out, further depleting and destroying resources, leading to its current state. However, hope has remained in the form of a legend regarding a great power that lies in the desert.

Arc of Alchemist is set a hundred years after the founding of the Stolaschester Kingdom and follows Quinn Bravesford, a commanding soldier of the kingdom. She is tasked with leading an investigation force into the desert to try and find the great power that may save humanity. The legend indicates that she will need to find and fit four orbs into an ancient device known as the Luna Gear. One of the characters joining Quinn is Sharon Valver. Sharon is a researcher of technology and regarded as of the most knowledgeable in the team. Meanwhile, Sandra Waynwright is short but defenders her allies using her large shield. Sandra is often treated like a child, but has great loyalty towards Quinn who doesn’t disparage her.

The game, which is set to be released on November 29, 2018, sees the developer team up again with Yoshitaka Amano for its concept art after he previously contributed to 2013 title Fairy Fencer F.



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