Meringue Entertainment Announces Hegemone Pass

Independent French developer Meringue Entertainment has announced Hegemone Pass, a new side-scrolling turn-based pixel-art RPG. The game is being developed for PC and Linux with its release currently planned for 2019 and is based on the ancient Greek mythological underworld.

Players take on the role of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, whose mother Demeter — out of concern for her daughter — leads a war against Hades and the Underworld. In the attack Hades disappears and the “corrupted” Persephone loses her title and falls from the palace. Demeter continues her hunt for Hades to imprison him in Tartarus and liberate the souls of the Underworld, while Persephone aims to protect the previous order.

Hegemone Pass features a combination of 2D platforming elements and turn-based combat. The game also features an eponymous system where Persephone can select her allies to take on various titles — Leader, Team, Fear, and Target — that alter the character’s stats and resistances as well as providing a special effect.




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