The Lost Child Finds Some Gameplay

Kadokawa Games and publisher NIS America have released a new gameplay trailer for The Lost Child, the upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG. Gameplay in The Lost Child splits itself between visual novel-style investigation segments and extended dives into the layers in between two realities where players engage in turn-based battles with mythical and arcane creatures.

Set in modern-day Tokyo, The Lost Child follows occult journalist Hayato Ibuki as he comes across a mysterious girl during an investigation into a string of mysterious suicides. The girl grants Hayato a mystical device that allows him harness celestial beings, embroiling him in an inter-dimensional war between heavens. The game will arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch on June 19, 2018, in North America and on June 22, 2018, in Europe.

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  1. jscarpe jscarpe says:

    I loved El Shaddai, so I’m really looking forward to this one from the same director. I’m especially excited because it seems to tie into El Shaddai somehow (Lucifel apparently shows up again in this game; his cell phone conversations with God were my favorite parts of El Shaddai) so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

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