Death’s Gambit Released Date Announced

White Rabbit has officially announced the release date for its side-scrolling RPG Death’s Gambit. The game will arrive on PC and PlayStation 4 on August 14, 2018. The date was given in a new trailer, which gives more detail into the game’s setup as well as additional gameplay footage.

In Death’s Gambit, players take control of a man left for dead on a battlefield who is found by Death and subsequently turned into his servant. The game will heavily focus on combat, hoping to strike a balance between challenging and punishing. White Rabbit wishes to avoid one-hit kills, instead preferring to punish consistent mistakes instead. When challenging bosses, players will continue to earn experience based off of their performance even if they lose during the fight in an attempt to stop grinding. Finally, the studio hinted that certain story beats would only become available upon death.


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  1. Aeramis Aeramis says:

    Is this going to be released physically on PS4 or is this only Download?

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