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Death’s Gambit Retail Release Dated

Skybound Games has announced the release date for its physical edition of 2D action RPG Death’s Gambit. The game will be available online and in retail stores this June.

Death’s Gambit Takes a Chance on a Physical Release

Death may be an intangible construct, but PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to literally get their hands on White Rabbit’s action RPG. It’s time to get physical with Death’s Gambit, courtesy of Skybound Games and Adult Swim Games.

Death’s Gambit Gets Cinematic

Death’s Gambit gets a cryptic new trailer filled with plenty of out-of-context lines and gameplay. The trailer doesn’t offer any answers but it certainly helps to set up the mystery.

Death’s Gambit Scores an Overview Trailer

Death’s Gambit will be arriving in a month and developer White Rabbit has a new trailer to show off more of what will be in the game. Did anyone say big boss fights?

Death’s Gambit Bets on a New Trailer

It’s probably not a great idea to make a deal with Death, but sometimes there isn’t a choice. However, there looks to be plenty of choice in Death’s Gambit, judging by the new trailer.

Death’s Gambit E3 Impression

This year’s E3 had more than its share of Metroidvanias and Souls-likes, but don’t let that fool you. When handled properly, especially when combined with appealing pixel art, the result can be special. Death’s Gambit just may be one of those times.

Death’s Gambit Released Date Announced

After several long years of teasing, White Rabbit finally has a release date for its 2D side-scrolling action RPG Death’s Gambit. Simply put, this summer got a lot more metal.