Death’s Gambit: Afterlife Shows New Features

Serenity Forge and White Rabbit released a new trailer for Death’s Gambit: Afterlife. The six-minute video is narrated by director Jean Canellas, who introduces the new features of the upcoming Afterlife expansion. Afterlife includes ten new levels featuring six new bosses, twenty-two new weapons, multiple endings, and an expansion to the game’s talent tree, bringing its total to over 100 talents.

Death’s Gambit is a 2D action RPG where players take on the role of the Reaper of Death in a gothic world filled with challenging beasts, knights, undead guardians, and more. The game originally released in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Afterlife will be released later this year and will be free to those who already own the game. In addition, the game and expansion will launch for Nintendo Switch.



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