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Greetings, all readers new and old! We would like to welcome you all to RPGamer’s brand new website. As you have clearly noticed our old website was a bit long in the tooth, which was especially problematic when trying to view the site from mobile devices, and so this has been a long time coming. We hope you all enjoy our new design, which comes with a completely new backend that we hope will let us post even more RPG-focused content going forward. To help celebrate both our new website’s launch and this, the 20th anniversary year of RPGamer, we will have a bunch of exciting features coming in the upcoming weeks.

Below we have some important information that we would like to share regarding our new commenting/user system, which is linked to our existing forums, as well as information on how to access our old content. We would also like to take this opportunity to put out a call for new volunteer staff writers who would like to join us here at RPGamer.


Commenting / Note for Existing Forum Users

With the change to our official site we changing how we go about commenting. We will no longer be creating threads on our official forums and instead encourage our readers to comment directly on the articles, for which you will need to sign up for a subscriber account. However, the forums will remain and we hope become more focused on our reader-driven projects like the Completed Games list and deeper discussions such as about specific games or topics. We have made it so any accounts created on the site will allow users to post in the forums, but this does mean that existing forum users will need to sign up for an account on the main site before they resume posting on the forums. Please note that you will not be able to sign up for an RPGamer account without a valid e-mail address as there is an account activation process before you can login.

We expect that many validation e-mails will be caught by spam filters, so please check your spam folder after registering. Validation e-mails may take a few minutes to send. If you do not receive a validation e-mail please contact severinmira@rpgamer.com and we will investigate and manually approve you if needed.

If you are an existing forum user and sign up for an RPGamer account with the same e-mail as your forum account it will automatically link the forum account to your new RPGamer account when you next sign into the forums (select the “Sign in with RPGamer” option, please note that all login options on the forums will redirect to the RPGamer login). Please note that if they are different, your new RPGamer username will overwrite your existing forum name. To avoid confusion we suggest using the same name where possible.

If you sign up with the same username as an existing forum account but a different e-mail address, however, then you will either need to enter the existing forum password when you sign into the forums to connect the two accounts, or you will need to select a different username to go by on the forums. In addition to being able to comment on articles and post in the forums, users are able to curate their own public profiles and bios.


Pre-2018 Content

As previously detailed, the wholesale changes to the new website means that we will not be directly carrying over any of the existing RPGamer content. However, our aim is to have the new site populated with all of the written content (news, reviews, etc.) posted on RPGamer in 2018, and we plan to keep everything on the old site available at archive.rpgamer.com (and have set up the new site so that old links to should redirect to the archive site).


Volunteer Recruitment

With the release of our new website we are on the lookout for more volunteer writers to add to our team, particularly on the news update and reviewer side of things. For more information on how to apply and what is expected of our volunteers please see the Job Openings page. RPGamer has always had a dedicated staff catering to RPGs of all tastes and we very much look forward to welcoming new members to the family.

Please note that all positions at RPGamer are voluntary and unpaid.



For all of those who wish to give feedback on the new site, our forums have a thread specifically dedicated for that purpose. Though we cannot promise that we will be able to implement any features that are requested (we have mostly focused on implementing the most important items needed, and our priority will be primarily on providing content), we will be more than happy to consider any ideas for improvements that our readers have.


Alex Fuller

Alex joined RPGamer in 2011 as a Previewer before moving onto Reviews, News Director, and Managing Editor. Became Acting Editor-in-Chief in 2018.

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19 Responses

  1. I will miss the arcane number of steps and process it took to get a single post live on the old site.

    What will I do with my time now? Might have to spend it producing more content.

  2. jscarpe jscarpe says:

    Hurray! It’s finally here! Can’t wait to start using the new site.

  3. artician artician says:

    This is a really nice layout. I am really happy for you guys. It’s so nice and clean.

  4. Ocelot Ocelot says:

    It’s been a long time coming! Congrats and props to everybody who put in what must have been a lot of hard work!

  5. Yay, the new site is here! 😀

  6. I̲̤̮͎ͤT̠͉̅̆͡ ̺͔̳̺̟̳̮͊͊ͧ̆̔̒ͩL͏͉̗̬̗Iͬ̍́͛̂̏̇͏̫V̼̘̱̫̘̠ͮͣ̿́͗ͨ̎Eͤ̃ͫ̔̈́̿́S͊̉͑̏̋̑͢

  7. omegabyte omegabyte says:

    So shiny and new. ooooooo

  8. FermatMD FermatMD says:

    Woot! Very nice and sleek! Congrats, guys!

  9. Budai Budai says:

    Good job to the staff for making the new site happen. It’s wonderful, and I really appreciate it. Look forward to using it for many years to come.

  10. jrono jrono says:

    It’s been a long time coming, always cute and fierce though.

  11. GuySmiley GuySmiley says:

    Looking good. Only one issue that I noticed.

    It looks like the RSS feed doesn’t work for the new site. Is there a different address for that or is it going away?

  12. berserk berserk says:

    Hey I’m a long time fan(lurker) of the site and content! I like the new modern look of the website!

    I have one bit of feedback, the colour kind of clashes in the banner and drop down menus. greens/low res browns and bright red. maybe pick one colour so it all matches? I kind of see what you were going for taking a bit of the original website and colours matching the rpgamer logo into this version. But it just seems a bit loud to me. hopefully you won’t see this as negative!

    Aside; I have a red/green colour deficiency so maybe it’s just my colour vision particularly!

    • severinmira severinmira says:

      Sorry, meant to respond a bit earlier. Thanks for the feedback! Can’t promise changing it immediately but will definitely have a think about this (I do like the red splash myself but can see how there might be an issue for those with R-G colour deficiency so worth seeing if there’s a better way to do it)

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