Job Openings

Please note that all positions at RPGamer are voluntary and unpaid.

Positions at RPGamer are currently unpaid, but this isn’t to say that working here is without other rewards. Those writing for the site are encouraged to go about it as professional a manner as possible, letting its writers have their content be read by a wide audience and the most renowned video game companies in the industry. RPGamer staff members are also privy to their very own email address, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that they are an integral part of RPGamer. Working here is also an excellent way to break into the gaming world; many of our former staff have gone on to work with development houses and news outlets both in the US and abroad.

No experience is required to work at RPGamer, though it may be required that new applicants are asked to start out at certain positions to help get accustomed to how things work. Those looking to join specifically as reviewers will need to submit a sample (this does not need to have been published anywhere, it is mainly to give us an idea of where your writing currently is, your potential as a reviewer, and any guidance we may offer for things to work on before joining).Writers are not necessarily beholden to specific positions and will be permitted to branch out into other areas of the site. Features in particular are generally open for contributions from everyone on the site, regardless of their position.


Current Openings

Position Application Contact
Internal Development
Content Maintenance Accepting Inquiries
Programmer Not Hiring  N/A
Designer Not Hiring  N/A
News & Media Updater Recruiting
Columnist/Editorialist Recruiting
(Samples Required)
Staff Previewer Accepting Inquiries
(Samples Required)
Staff Reviewer Accepting Inquiries*
(Samples Required)
Community / Social Media Manager Recruiting

* Please note that is generally preferred that new RPGamer hires to join in either an Editorialist or News Writing position. This allows new writers to become familiar with RPGamer’s processes and policies. Once a short probation period has passed new writers are welcome to branch into reviews.

How to Apply

In order to apply for a position please feel out the following form. Certain indicated positions require a writing sample, which it is preferred to have included with your application. Please ensure you have read our additional guidelines below, as failure to follow them in any samples will count against your application. If the sample provided was written before the guidelines were read — we understand that other sites and blogs may operate with different policies — then we simply ask that you provide an acknowledgement of those aspects that might not adhere.


Additional Guidelines

No experience is required to volunteer at RPGamer. However, applicants will need to be self-motivated and able to work autonomously. If you are unable to work without constant supervision then RPGamer is probably not the place for you. In addition to creating their own content, all staff members are expected to assist others by proof-reading their articles. Successful applicants will also need to adhere to RPGamer’s internal policies with respect to NDAs and accuracy of reporting, with the following policies being of particular interest to those applying for the reviewer or news reporting roles –

  • News and the vast majority of review content should always be written in third-person (no “I”, “you”, etc.). First and second-person shouldn’t be used in a review outside of the first and last paragraph. Also, first and last paragraph are where you can write more personally if you want: give your personal background, write more subjective thoughts or feelings, etc. The rest of the review should be in an objective tone. For features/convention reports, we’re happy to include first- and second-person as these are personal pieces, but it should be avoided in formal articles like news and reviews.
  • Review word length is aimed at 1200-1800. Try to write like you’re in a bubble and have no clue what others think of the game. If it’s been out a while and there are other reviews, don’t acknowledge them, apologize for being different, or write in a wimpy, wishy-washy style like maybe you’re wrong or maybe you’re right. Don’t slip into telling the reader how to play, giving tips, or telling him how to enjoy it.
  • No editorialising in news articles. News stories need to be impartial, without showing any bias. Statements like “the game is shaping up great” would be considered editorialising.
  • No profanity. The site aims to keep its content PG (even if a lot of the actual games may not be), and virtually every case of swearing can be replaced with a much more eloquent statement.
  • You must be willing to accept feedback and make adjustments or rewrites as necessary based on that feedback. Feedback is always given with the goal of improving your content as well as eliminating any errors. No one’s reviews are perfect, even those experienced reviewers who undergo the most rigorous self-proofing endeavours!

If you have any questions regarding the roles or feel you could help in a way not listed above, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!