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Cthulhu Saves Christmas Out on PS5

Limited Run Games and Zeboyd Games are celebrating Christmas in July. Cthulhu once again gets to act the hero, this time with the launch of Cthulhu Saves Christmas on PS5.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas Switch Review

Christmas might be a month away, but that didn’t stop Zeboyd Games from dropping Cthulhu Saves Christmas for Nintendo Switch. The game is a holly jolly time, but will its few shortcomings be the coal in RPGamer’s presents?

Cthulhu Saves Christmas Review

Zeboyd has consistently done pixel art and solid turn-based battles well. Cthulhu Saves Christmas is no exception, proving to be a hilarious little breath of fresh winter air this holiday season.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas Giveaway

Zeboyd Games and RPGamer are giving away three copies of Cthulhu Saves Christmas. Check inside for details on how to enter the giveaway, with entries closing on Friday.

Cthulhu Saves Christmas Unwraps Trailer

Try as he might, Cthulhu just can’t seem to make his way onto Santa’s Naughty List. This time, the hapless hero finds himself rescuing Saint Nick in order to save Christmas.

Cosmic Star Heroine Switch Review

Over a year after its initial blast-off, Zeboyd Games’ planet-hopping secret agent RPG has landed on Nintendo’s newest handheld. Does the Switch version show signs of intelligent life, or is it a Black Hole imploding in on itself?

Cosmic Star Heroine Vita Review

Space isn’t the only final frontier in this solar system. Navigating the complex channels of bureaucracy and murder investigations are harder for this crew than just getting out of the atmosphere.

Limited Run Games Makes Many Announcements

Limited Run Games made plenty of announcements during its E3 presentation. Included amongst those are multiple RPGs: Golf Story, Oceanhorn, Cosmic Star Heroine, Salt and Sanctuary, and Dust.

Trio of Limited Run Physical Releases Dated

Limited Run Games is making three RPGs available in physical form for Fantasy Friday II later this month. Those looking to pick up copies of Antiquia Lost, Cosmic Star Heroine, and Saturday Morning RPG should mark their calendars.

Cosmic Star Heroine Review

Twinkle, twinkle cosmic star, saving planets near and far! Shooting out your cosmic rays, just in time to save the day. Twinkle, twinkle cosmic star, let us play space opera.

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning PC Review

Not content with offering just the one budget title, Zeboyd Games also gave PC RPGamers the opportunity to experience Breath of Death VII. Read on to find out how well this enhanced version holds up against its Lovecraftian sibling.