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Bigben Interactive Acquires Spiders

Bigben Interactive has snapped up another development studio. GreedFall developer Spiders now falls under the publisher’s umbrella, though there is no news on if this will affect the title’s upcoming release.

Spiders Talks About GreedFall’s Terra Incognita

Focus Home Interactive has begun a new series of videos for Spiders’ upcoming action RPG GreedFall. The first video features lead writer and Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau and art director Cyril Tahmassebi, who talk about the creation of the game’s setting.

GreedFall Release Date Revealed

A September release window for GreedFall had already been revealed, but now we know the exact date. The fantasy RPG set in a 17th century-style world will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One in a little over two months.

GreedFall Introduces Serene

GreedFall mostly takes place in a foreign, fantastical locale, but there is at least one traditional city. That is Serene, the subject of today’s trailer.

GreedFall E3 Impression 2

It looks like there’s finally land in sight for GreedFall. After hearing from the game’s lead writer and finally seeing it in action for ourselves, the game can finally leave an earnest impression. But is it enough to make us want more, more, more?

GreedFall E3 Impression

Spiders is an industry workhorse, cranking out original games and with efficient regularity. It just so happens GreedFall may be its most standout game yet.

The Technomancer Review

French developer Spiders returns to Mars with its latest title, The Technomancer. Players will need to navigate internal discord as they attempt to put the red planet back in contact with Earth.

Bound by Flame Review

Spiders has quickly established itself as one of the more prolific RPG developers around. But has the speed of release affected the quality of its first PS4 entry?

Of Orcs and Men Review

Not the Best Laid Plans French developer Cyanide made a splash with its initial forays into the realm of medieval fantasy RPGs when it managed...

Faery: Legends of Avalon Review

If you play this game, we feel confident that Oberon will love you a little more. Whether you’ll love yourself or not is another question entirely. Either way, Avalon is waiting to be explored.