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Airoheart Deep Look

Airoheart is the latest title to take advantage of the top-down action adventure revival. However, a lack of polish and anything new limit its likely audience.

Airoheart Releasing in September

SOEDESCO and Pixel Heart Studio’s Airoheart is launching on PC and consoles in September. The adventure RPG is inspired by top-down genre classics.

Monster Crown Now on Steam Early Access

Studio Aurum and Soedesco’s monster-taming RPG Monster Crown is now available on Steam Early Access. A launch stream shows off what players can expect to see in the game.

Monster Crown Hitting Steam Early Access Next Month

Monster Crown is an upcoming monster-taming RPG where players can breed and fuse monsters to create brand new species. Developer Studio Aurum and publisher Soedesco revealed that it is hitting Steam Early Access at the end of next month.