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Shenmue III Trial Version Announced

PC backers of Shenmue III will soon be able to get their hands on a stand-alone trial act before the game’s full release in November. Like the PC release, the trial version will be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Shenmue III Steam Backer Replacement Options Detailed

After the reveal that Shenmue III’s PC version will launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store, Deep Silver and Ys Net have detailed the options available to those backers who requested a Steam copy. PC and PlayStation 4 versions can be chosen, though refund requests will also be honoured.

Shenmue III Delayed

Fans of the Shenmue series recently received an update regarding its upcoming third entry. The update explained that Shenmue III’s release was being pushed back to November.

Sega Explains Shenmue I & II’s Story

The remaster of the first two Shenmue games is releasing in just a few weeks. In the first of a new series of videos, Ryo’s English voice actor Corey Marshall gives newcomers a quick primer on the series’ story.

Shenmue Takes a Stroll Down Dobuita Street

The original Shenmue took great pains to immerse players in a realistic world to explore. With the remaster on the way, Sega is inviting players to visit the real-life Dobuita Street featured in the original game.

Shenmue I & II Remaster Set for August

With Shenmue III arriving next year, Sega is giving players a chance to remind themselves of previous events. The remastered collection of the first two games in the series is coming this August.

Shenmue III Release Pushed Back to 2019

In news that won’t come as too much of a surprise, Shenmue III’s release has been pushed back. At least it gives players more time to remind themselves of events through the upcoming remasters of the previous games.

Sega Announces Shenmue Remasters, New Sakura Wars

Fans looking to remind themselves of the events of the first Shenmue games will have the ideal opportunity later this year. In addition, a tactical RPG series is being revived and Sega is providing a couple of new ways to play some classic titles, at least in Japan.