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Curse of the Dead Gods Out Now

Curse of the Dead Gods is now available on PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC. The game has players exploring a Mayan dungeon that rewards as well as curses its inhabitants.

Curse of the Dead Gods Gives Some Tips

After only a week on sale, rogue-lite action RPG Curse of the Dead Gods has gotten some primers for new players. The videos should be helpful guides for any interested RPGamers.

Curse of the Dead Gods Gets PAX East Trailer

Curse of the Dead Gods will be available at the start of March through Steam Early Access. The action rogue-lite will see players venture deep into an ancient temple where traps and treasure await.

Masters of Anima Review

Masters of Anima brings a ton of creativity to the table. Take the role of Otto, a reluctant would-be Shaper, to save your fiancée Ana, and coincidentally the world, by summoning a never-ending army of guardians in this fresh take on RPG and RTS gameplay.

Masters of Anima Available for PC, Console

Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games recently released Masters of Anima. The strategic adventure RPG sees players summoning and commanding a force of Guardians to take on opposing golems.