Curse of the Dead Gods Out Now

Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive’s action roguelite RPG Curse of the Dead Gods is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is available with a 10% discount on its $19.99 price for a limited time on all platforms. The launch trailer can be viewed below.

Curse of the Dead Gods is set in a dangerous Mayan temple filled with monsters, traps, and curses. Players will need to fight, loot, survive, and utilize the temple’s traps in their favor if they wish to venture deeper. Curses will affect gameplay in a variety of ways as players suffer from the corruption of the God of Death. A corruption meter builds over time that inflicts different types of curses which will change the gameplay of each playthrough. Dying is likely, but it doesn’t spell the end of the journey, as players can return to life with new blessings to assist in their exploration.



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