Monster Sanctuary Demo Released Into the Wild

German developer Denis Sinner has made a playable demo of Monster Sanctuary downloadable via Steam. The game is a hybrid of various styles, combining monster taming and collecting with Metroidvania-esque exploration and turn-based combat. Players take on the role of a member of the ancient bloodline of Monster Keepers, tasked with uncovering a mystery that threatens the peace between humans and monsters.

Monster Sanctuary makes it possible to tame and add any monster encountered in the game to a player’s party. Monsters can be equipped with armor, fed to increase their stats, and each one has its own skill tree. In addition to being used in combat, some monsters also have abilities that aid in exploration, letting players access new areas of the world.

Monster Sanctuary will see a release for PC via Steam, though an actual release date has not been set yet. In the meantime, the game’s demo trailer and official website offer additional information.



Pascal Tekaia

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