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Expeditions: Rome Announced

THQ Nordic and Logic Artists have unveiled the third game in the Expeditions series. Expeditions: Rome sees players controlling a Roman Legatus in military campaigns across the republic.

Divinity: Fallen Heroes Put on Hold

Divinity: Fallen Heroes, a planned strategy RPG sequel to Divinity: Original Sin II, has been put on hold. For now, Larian Studios will keep its attention on Baldur’s Gate III, while co-developer Logic Artists focuses on a new Expeditions title.

Larian Studios Announces Divinity: Fallen Heroes

Larian Studios has announced a new title in the Divinity series, planned for release later this year. Though it acts as a sequel to Divinity: Original Sin II, Fallen Heroes heads back towards the strategic side of the franchise.

Expeditions: Viking Review

Take the role of an ambitious Viking chieftain and raid, trade, and forge alliances to increase your clan’s power and prosperity. At the dawn of the Viking age, any means to protect and sustain your people can be justified. But how will history remember you, and will it remember you at all?