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Stella Glow Review

Forget what you think you know about witches. No old women wearing dark robes with warts aplenty will be found in this game, only nubile nymphets with magical melodies. The jury is out on whether this artistic choice was an accurate one.

Criminal Girls: Invite Only Review

Criminal Girls: Invite Only was interesting enough to earn a passable early impression, but there were some nagging doubts that it could keep things going the whole way through. Was it easy for our reviewer to push through to the end or was some extra motivation needed?

Black Rock Shooter Review

When aliens drag humanity to the brink of extinction, only one robot has the moxie to fight back. Behind the dystopian dust and laser-light afterburn, she is sad and alone. She knows her story is not new, even though her fashion is cutting edge.

Fate/Extra Review

Longtime Type-Moon fans are going to like this no matter what we say. Archer’s in it! Saber has a -red- dress! Seriously though, Fate/EXTRA is an interesting study in classifying games. How does it succeed as an RPG? How does it succeed as something else entirely? What would it be like as a story instead of as a game? Dust. Wind. Dude.

Arc Rise Fantasia Review

After about a year in the making, RPGamer finally has its first review of Arc Rise Fantasia. Okay, it didn’t really take an entire year. Regardless, read and find out how well Imageepoch’s first console title fares.