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#JRPGJuly 2021 Introduction

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! To be a JRPG fan and spreading good cheer! #JRPGJuly is the hap-happiest time, of the year! Welcome to another year of #JRPGJuly, where RPGamer staff will be celebrating the month sharing our love of JRPGs with the community through streams and write-ups.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review

If you’ve been waiting seven years for the Golden Sun saga to continue, the wait is finally over. Find out how the long awaited sequel to the hit Game Boy Advance games holds up.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review

Whoa, a storm is threatenin’, their very lives today, if they don’t get some shelter, Weyard’s gonna fade away. War, children (of the Warriors of Vale), it’s just a spell away, it’s just a Djinn away!