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Pages Torn from an Ichor-Soaked Game Review

A strange and eldritch letter is found, seeped with fluids best left unknown. What outrageous piece of code has thus defiled the mind of one of this site’s bold writers and left behind such pieces that, were they placed as jigsaw sets, would show the holes wherein exist dark horrors no light may resist.

New Command-Based Yakuza Combat System Shown

Ryu ga Gotoku has released some behind-the-scenes footage showing some of its new Yakuza game. As well as having a change of protagonist, the title may have some big gameplay changes in store.

PlatinumGames Announces New IP

PlatinumGames is looking to expand with another IP. The new teaser trailer gives an indication of the developer looking to combine its traditional expertise in action titles with the world of business.