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Adventure Corner: Telling Lies

Welcome to Adventure Corner, a column where members of the RPGamer staff can give their thoughts, impressions, and pseudo-reviews for various adventure titles that don’t come under our usual coverage. In this edition of the column we take a look at the ambitious full-motion video adventure game, Telling Lies on PC.

Ashen Heading to More Platforms

One year after its initial release, Ashen will be making its way to more platforms. There’s also a new trailer for those who maybe have forgotten what Ashen is.

Ashen Released on PC, Xbox One

Aurora44 and Annapurna Interactive’s action RPG Ashen put in an appearance at The Game Awards. That appearance saw the game unleashed to the world on PC and Xbox One.

Ashen Shown at Gamescom

Annapurna Interactive and Aurora44’s Ashen put in an appearance at Gamescom. Ten minutes of narrated gameplay footage has come out of the trade fair, showing the action RPG in action.