Thirsty Suitors Console Versions Announced, Demo Available

Annapurna Interactive and Outerloop Games announced that Thirsty Suitors will be releasing on consoles. In addition to its previously announced PC verison, the game will also launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, though a release window has not been announced. In addition, the companies released a new trailer as well as a free PC demo for the game, which is available on Steam.

Thirsty Suitors follows Jala as she returns home to Timber Hills on a reconciliation tour following a(nother) bad break-up. The game features three primary gameplay elements: combat, skateboarding, and cooking. Combat is turn-based and features upgrades, special abilities, and a mood system as Jala battles skate punks, random suitors, and her exes. Skateboarding sees Jala skating across Timber Hills and Bearfoot Park using tricks and taking on challenges. Cooking has Jala attempting to impress her mom with action-based segments while she creates South Asian dishes. Those looking to read more about Thirsty Suitors can check out RPGamer’s preview of the game.



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