A space opera RPG about humanity’s fight for survival against the extraterrestrial Relayers.

Clouded Leopard Entertainment
Dragami Games
Dragami Games
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Relayer Advanced Announced, Hitting PC This Month

Mecha tactical RPG Relayer is getting an upgraded version title Relayer Advanced. Its release will see the game debut on PC this month, with current PS4 and PS5 owners getting it as a free upgrade in November.

Relayer Physical Release Set for May

Red Art Games is partnering with Clouded Leopard Entertainment to release a physical edition of Relayer in the west. Physical copies will ship in May, following game’s digital launch next week.

Relayer Season Pass Detailed

Mecha tactical RPG Relayer will be getting some post-launch content. Kadokawa Games detailed what will be included in the game’s Season Pass.

Relayer Japanese Demo Announced

Kadokawa Games’ strategy RPG Relayer is getting a Japanese demo this week. The full game will be releasing worldwide in a month’s time.

Relayer Receives New Videos

A new Japanese trailer for Kadokawa Games’ mecha strategy RPG Relayer shows many of the game’s pilots. Meanwhile, Clouded Leopard Entertainment released a English version of its introduction trailer.

Relayer Releasing Globally in March

Clouded Leopard Entertainment and Kadokawa Games announced a new release date for tactical sci-fi RPG Relayer. The game will now hit PS4 and PS5 in March, and it will be a simultaneous global launch.

Relayer Trailer Shows Robots

Kadokawa Games released a new robot-focused Japanese trailer for strategy RPG Relayer. Running at nearly eight minutes in length, it shows quite a few of them.

Relayer Gets More Gameplay Footage

Kadokawa Games put out some more gameplay footage from Relayer. The eight-minute video shows the game’s grid-based tactical combat.

Relayer Hitting Japan in February

Kadokawa Games announced that space opera RPG Relayer will release in Japan this February. The news comes with a fourteen-minute trailer and some new screenshots and gameplay details.