Pokémon Sword / Shield

The eighth mainline generation Pokémon title comes to Nintendo Switch.

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More Pokémon Sword and Shield Battle Options Revealed

The 2019 Pokémon World Championships are happening this weekend, with The Pokémon Company using the opportunity to provide more details about Pokémon Sword and Shield. The details include some online battle options, and new items and abilities to make tactical use of.

Pokémon Sword and Shield E3 Impression

Pokémon Sword and Shield were present at this year’s E3 ahead of their worldwide release this November. As a newcomer to the series, Pascal Tekaia isn’t able to comment on the more nuanced changes in the games, but found out why so many are looking forward to them.

New Pokémon Switch Titles Announced

A heavily Switch-focused press conference saw multiple new Pokémon titles announced. An action RPG is now available to download, with another title combining a Pokémon Yellow remake with the capturing mechanics of Pokémon Go coming later this year.