Pokémon Sword, Shield Plus Expansion Pass Physical Bundles Available Now

Physical retail bundles for Pokémon Sword and Shield containing one of the games plus the corresponding Expansion Pass are now available for Nintendo Switch. The game and Expansion Pass content come pre-loaded on the cart. Those who purchase the physical bundles will receive one hundred Poké Balls in-game, as well as codes for the in-game Pikachu and Eevee trainer uniforms.

In addition, The Pokémon Company detailed new Legendary Pokémon appearing in The Crown Tundra expansion. The Wild Horse Pokémon Glastrier is an Ice-type and has the new Chilling Neigh ability that boosts its Attack attribute when it knocks out an enemy. The Swift Horse Pokémon Spectrier is a Ghost-type and has the Grim Neigh ability that boosts its Sp. Attack when it knocks out an enemy. Finally, High King Pokémon Calyrex comes in two forms: Psychic/Ice-type Ice Rider Calyrex and Psychic/Ghost-type Shadow Rider Calyrex. Both forms have the As One ability, though its details were not revealed.



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