RPG Backtrack 271 – Say Hello to the Welcome Onix

This week’s backtrack takes us to the Galar region, where we fight in a soccer stadium with a Pokémon that’s shaped like a teapot. It’s time to talk about Pokémon Sword and Shield, with guests Cassandra and Jon.


Kelley Ryan

Kelley's three favorite things in this world are cats, heavy metal music, and RPGs. They are happily married to their best friend, and enjoys other hobbies like drawing, painting miniatures, and reading.

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  1. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    I was doubly unlucky when it came to Sword and Shield; there’s a video of me playing the game at the last in-person E3 off screen (which the rest of that story is a matter for the courts), and then I played most of Sword while in the hospital. I was only through two badges when I went in just after the game launched, and was still in the hospital when I beat it.

    I couldn’t even one shot Leon’s Charizard with a Coalossal (the Rock/Fire type introduced in the game) as it hung on from a Max Rockfall with what had to be 1HP: the only reason it went down was because the move initiates a Sandstorm.

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