Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder

The sequel to the 2013 title that goes through the history of the adventure RPGs returns, adding a few more genres to the mix.

Shiro Games
Shiro Games

Evoland 2 Review

The second Evoland tackles a great number of genres and issues in its many areas. One notion is tantalizingly never resolved though: where do other party members hide when they’re with the lead but not visible on screen, in his pocket? Mammoths must not get out much if they’re so hard to move.

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Evoland Physical Edition Announced

Super Rare Games is partnering with Shiro Games for a physical Switch edition of Evoland: Legendary Edition. Pre-orders for the limited run will begin later this week.

Evoland Comes to Consoles

Shiro Games’ history-tracing Evoland games are coming to consoles. Evoland and Evoland 2 are being bundled in a Legendary Edition set to release in early February.

RPG Backtrack Episode 195: Old Wave

Developers were once consumed by the need to push technological prowess as much as possible, but in recent years a smorgasbord of titles that evoke earlier generations has been created. We here tackle a hefty helping of this sort of RPG, using a lineup that varies wildly in style and quality.

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