Top Hat Studios Shows Upcoming RPGs

Publisher Top Hat Studios received its own segment during today’s Guerrilla Collective 2024 showcase presentation, during which it revealed multiple RPGs. Among other titles, the segment features life sim and monster-raising RPG Ova Magica, 2D action RPG Under the Island, and social link-based RPG Sonzai.

Developed by Skinny Frog and ClaudiaTheDev, Ova Magica lists a mixture of life sim and monster-raising titles as inspirations including Stardew Valley, Pokémon, Harvest Moon, Azure Dreams, and more. The game sees players moving to the quaint hamlet of Clover Town where they are introduced to creatures called Blobs. Blobs hatch from eggs and can act as companions, coming in various varieties that can be cross-bred.

In addition to being used to battles against the Blobs of rival trainers, Blobs can be used to help around the farm. Players can also build relationships with townsfolk while unlocking the secrets of the town, which include hidden temples, dungeons, and portals, leading to the discovery of strange items and artifacts. Ova Magica will release on Steam Early Access on July 23, 2024, while a demo is available as part of the latest Steam Next Fest.



Slime King Games’s Under the Island is set in a 1990s-style fantasy world and follows Nia as she attempts to save her new island home from sinking. A new arrival on Seashell Island, she explores various ecosystems across the island after discovering that the island is destined to sink into the ocean, looking for a way to avert it.

During her adventure, Nia will need to fight against monsters and solve puzzles, while exploring six different biomes that change based on the game’s day/night cycle. The game is said to offer freedom for players as they go about their adventure, with playthroughs having different events and challenges based on the order things are approached. Under the Island is available to wishlist on Steam, with more details planned to be released this summer.



Finally, Sonzai is developed by 2 Odd Diodes and is set in Kumotoshi, the only town where magic exists. Players are thrust into this town, which acts as a hub for young mages, where they will be able to connect to other characters during the day and fight in action combat at night as the boundaries between worlds blur.

Combat is combo-based with players able to juggle enemies while wielding weapons such as swords, chains, and muskets. Players can also customise their playstyle by choosing from numerous abilities, modules, and skills. Sonzai is planned for release on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. It is currently available to wishlist on Steam.






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