Farmagia Release Date Revealed

During the latest Nintendo Direct, Marvelous Games and XSEED Games announced the release date for monster-farming action RPG Farmagia. The title, previously teased during the Marvelous Showcase held in May, will release on November 1, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. The companies revealed a Day One Edition for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, which is priced at $59.99 and includes a copy of the game, a 23-track soundtrack CD, and a 90-page art book, all packaged in a box covered with an illustration made by artist Hiro Mashima.

Farmagia is set in Felicidad, a fantasy world where farmers known as Farmagia command and train monsters that have been grown in farms. The peace reigning in this world comes to an end with the death of Magus Diluculum, who was tasked with maintaining the harmony. The resulting turmoil gives rise to individuals seeking to use monsters for nefarious purposes and the coming to power of the despotic Magus Glaza. The story follows the young Farmagia Ten and his friends in their quest to restore peace in Felicidad.

Players are in charge of their own farm, where they grow and train the monsters that assist them in real-time combats. During battles, players lead monster hordes instead single units. They can take advantage of enemies’ weaknesses and combine their monster companions into powerful summons. Whenever Ten finds and befriends Elemental Spirits, he gains the ability to grow new monsters and make use of mightier summons. The game features character and monster designs from illustrator Hiro Mashima, known for his work on Fairy Tail and Edens Zero.




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