Starfield Gets Its May Update

Developer and publisher Bethesda released a new update for its spacefaring RPG Starfield. This update comes with many changes and additions partly detailed in the Developer Update video viewable below.

The update adds new markings on the space maps and more fast-travel locations. A new difficulty level has been included along with several settings that alter the combat, the effects of food, environmental hazards, and more to further finetune the difficulty. The ship customisation features more options, especially for interior decoration. The Xbox Series X version received display settings, allowing to prioritize either visual quality or performance. Upon starting a New Game Plus, the player can now change both the appearance and traits of their character. Many quality-of-life improvements and fixes have also been implemented. The Full details pertaining to the May update can be found here.

Starfield takes place in the year 2330, when humanity has ventured past its own solar system and settled on distant planets. The player assumes the role of an individual whose name, appearance, and other traits they choose. They join a group of space explorers known as Constellation, which seeks rare artifacts throughout the galaxy. The game features an open-world experience, with hundreds of planets to explore thanks to player-built ships. Players fight in space as well as on land and can customise their character and their ships. Starfield is currently available on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Those interested in reading more about the game can check Zack Webster’s review of its PC version.



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