Akupara Games to Publish Cabernet

Publisher Akupara Games announced that it is partnering with developer Party for Introverts to release visual novel RPG hybrid Cabernet. This announcement came with a minute-long trailer viewable below. The game is currently in development for PC (via Steam, GOG.com, Epic Games Store), with a release date planned in 2024.

Cabernet is set in 19th-century Eastern Europe and follows Liza, who has been pulled into the supernatural world after becoming a vampire. She lives in a stately home that has been ruled by Countess Orlova for 400 years and is inhabited by both supernatural beings and humans.

During the night, players are able to explore the town and get to know the local characters, all the while planning their next feast. Failing to return home before sunrise results in Liza’s death. Players will need to balance their hunger and morality, and can unlock various vampiric powers such as shifting into a bat, hypnotisation, and invisibility. A demo version of the game is available on Steam.



Mohamed Lamine Coulibaly

Fascinated by the screens since I saw them, video games are a sorcery I quickly become obsessed with. This passion culminated with the discovery of the RPGs. At that time, they were likely the sole titles where story and world building mattered as more as gameplay. Now, I am, writing about them, especially my favorite ones: the JRPGs!

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