King Arthur: Legion IX Release Date Announced

Developer NeocoreGames has announced that the turn-based tactical RPG King Arthur: Legion IX will be released for PC via Steam on May 9, 2024. Previously announced as an expansion to the dark fantasy adaptation of the Arthurian tale, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, Legion IX will be available as a standalone release. To celebrate the announcement, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will have a 60% discount during Steam’s Turn-Based Thursday event, which will run from April 4-8, 2024.

King Arthur: Legion IX is set on the mythical island of Avalon, where players take on the role of Gaius Julius Mento, the leader of the Ninth Legion of Rome. Gifted a demon army by the deceased emperor, Septimus Sulla, to escape Tartarus, Gaius stumbles upon the magical realm of the Lady of the Lake. He then proceeds to find his lost army, aiming to conquer the island and establish Eternal Rome.

Players will manage a party of five to six heroes and make tough moral choices along the way in the quest to conquer Avalon. The party can be strengthened by leveling up, using skill points, unlocking skill trees, and looting, equipping, and crafting numerous artifacts. A tactical approach to combat must be taken to overcome enemies, utilizing covers, traps, flanking, and an overwatch and opportunity system, as every decision made can turn the tide of battle. The game features a vast range of abilities, no permanent deaths at the end of each mission, multiple difficulty modes, and a resource management system. At the end of the campaign, depending on the choices players make along the way, Gaius will either revert to being human again or transform into a powerful demon.




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