Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gets Theme Song Trailer, More Details

Square Enix released a new theme song trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The video features the game’s theme song “No Promises to Keep”, which is composed by Nubuo Uematsu and performed by Loren Allred. Along with the trailer, the company also provided a new set of screenshots and details for the game expanding upon parts of the trailer.

Among the locations in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth — as the party explores the regions outside of Midgar — players will visit the Gold Saucer amusement park and the Corel Prison slums. The game will also introduce Vincent Valentine (voiced by Matthew Mercer), a red-caped “security guard” who hibernates in a coffin below Shinra Manor, as well as Cid Highwind (voiced by J. Michael Tatum), a rogue pilot who runs a shuttle service.



Other new characters include Dyne (Dave B. Mitchell), once Barret’s closest friend who was a miner with him in Corel and whose current whereabouts are unknown, and Dio (Ian James Corlett), the brawny owner of the Gold Saucer. There is also Doctor Sheiran (Lloyd Sherr), who runs a small clinic in North Corel, and Solemn Gus (Jonah Scott), the sleazy kingpin of Corel Prison, plus a returning character from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s combat will include new Synergy Skills. These are powerful attacks that see two characters team up; for example, Cloud and Aerith’s Firework Blade unleashes a magic ranged attack, while Tifa and Cait Sith’s Moogle Dunk Shot sees her swing Cait Sith’s moogle around before launching it at a foe. More skills are unlocked as players increase the party level by strengthening the bonds between them. The game will also include new summons such as Titan, Bahamut Arisen, and Phoenix.



Cloud’s relationships with others in the party can be impacted by how he responds during conversations. These relationships can provide some additional benefits, with screenshots teasing similar events at the Gold Saucer as in the original Final Fantasy VII that involved Cloud and whoever he had the strongest bond with. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will also include an in-game threatrical production. The production takes place at the Gold Saucer’s Golden Theatre using VR technology. It is based on the epic poem “Loveless”, which tells of a hero’s battle against the Dragon King and his love for Princess Rosa. Player choices can impact who portrays Rosa as well as parts of the script.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy and is set to release for PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. Taking place after the events of Remake, it sees the party venturing in pursuit of Sephiroth, a vengeful swordsman thought to be dead. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be available as a standalone title, with its physical version to be spread over two discs.




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