Ys X: Nordics Details Boss Fights, Time Attack Mode

Nihon Falcom provided further information on action RPG Ys X: Nordics. The details and images cover the post-game Time Attack and Boss Rush modes, as well as some of the boss fights contained within them.

Once players complete Ys X’s main story, they will unlock the Time Attack option in its main title screen. This allows players to take on every boss from the game’s main story individually, on different difficulty options or within a complete Boss Rush mode. Time Attack mode will allow players to adjust Adol and Karja’s accessories, Mana Seeds, and Solo / Combination Mode skills before taking on each boss, letting players set themselves up to take down each boss more quickly.

Nihon Falcom also detailed some of the bosses appearing in the game. Amdobizer is a beast-type monster that uses its huge jaw, powerful forearms, and whip-like tail. The armor on its front also gives it a strong defence. Iji is a giant creature under the command of Yolds. It boosts incredibly high strength and a variety of full force attacks. Magna Deega is a giant worm with a hard shell. It forces Adol and KArja to fight it in a bowl-shaped arena and uses debris that it eats up to attack as well as its huge body. Orcupete is a bird-like creature that attacks from the fog and uses its screeches to confuse opponents. They attack in a trio using high-speed aerial attacks that necessitate making the most of both Solo and Combination Modes. Finally, Blob Julion has a jellyfish-like appearance. It uses poison and paralysis attacks to weaken its prey. As a whole, it is not very agile by can split into numerous smaller forms.



The developer also provided a few extra details on island capture battles. During the ship-based portion of these battles, players will be able to activate numerous support skills from crew members. Examples of these skills include Dogi’s Fleet Destroyer, which damages all enemies; Phylleia’s Matchless Inspiration, which significantly reduces damage taken; Flair’s Doctor’s Approach, which reduces enemy defences; Romes’s Inventory Unlocks, which prevents ammo from decreasing; and more.

Ys X: Nordics takes place between the events of Ys I & II and Ys: Memories of Celceta. It sees Adol visiting the northern sea’s Obelia Bay, where he encounters a seafaring people called the Normans, as well as seemingly undead creatures called Griegers known to attack humans. The game is planned to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 28, 2023, with no announcement made regarding a western release. Those looking to read more about previous Ys titles can check out RPGamer’s earlier Where to Start? guide on the series.


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