Ys X: Nordics Introduces More Characters, Release Line System

Nihon Falcom released new details and images for action RPG Ys X: Nordics. The latest update on the game introduces five more characters, as well as its “Release Line” progression system.

The first of the new characters is Phylleia. She is 23 and leader of the Balta Navy’s third fleet, as well as being the right-hand woman for Grimson, the navy’s overall leader and female protagonist Karja’s father. Meanwhile, Ezra is the 15-year-old chamberlain for Karja’s home. He is polite and thoughtful, also thinking of Karja first. Both Phylleia and Ezra were born outside of the Norman people’s territory in the Obelia Bay where the game is set.



The other three new characters are humanoid Griegers, seemingly immortal beings that attack humans and only back down after being dominated in battle. Yolds is a sadist who like treating the people of Obelia Bay as though they were slaves. After being wounded by Karja’s Mana, she is enraged and chooses to target her and Adol. Larg is interested in human culture and often appears to Adol and his friend to ask unexpected questions. While not as aggressive, his behaviour is hard to read. Finally, Odr is a skilled fighter who becomes interested in Adol and Karja’s use of Mana, seemingly having high hopes of their potential as warriors.

Ys X: Nordics will include a new progression system known as Release Line, which lets players upgrade protagonists Adol and Karja’s individual combat skills. As players level up, they will obtain Mana Points that unlock nodes on the Release Line. By placing a Mana Seed into these nodes, the skill branch associated with that Mana Seed will activate. Adol and Karja each have their own Release Line, though it will include upgrades for combination attacks.



Combining different Mana Seeds lets player influence Adol and Karja’s builds. There are four main branches of Mana Seeds that provide different flavours of ability: Valor focuses on attack, Strength focuses on defense, Optimism focuses on attributes other than attack and defense, and Darkness offers special effects that combine benefits and drawbacks. There is also a special Dream branch that mix all four main branches allow them to be combined more efficiently with other Mana Seeds.

Ys X: Nordics takes place between the events of Ys I & II and Ys: Memories of Celceta. The game features two combat modes: Solo Mode and Combination Mode. Solo Mode plays similarly to previous titles, with players controlling one character while the AI controls the other. Combination Mode, meanwhile, has players fight with both Adol and Carja at the same time. This is a more power-based system with the two unleashing simultaneous attacks, but at the cost of movement being significantly reduced. Ys X: Nordics is planned to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 28, 2023, with no announcement made regarding a western release.  Those looking to read more about previous Ys titles can check out RPGamer’s earlier Where to Start? guide on the series.


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