Pokémon Stadium Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo announced that Nintendo 64 title Pokémon Stadium will available on Nintendo Switch as part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription service. The game will be available from April 12, 2023, and include both single-play and multiplayer modes. However, it will not include Nintendo 64 Transfer Pack functionality where players could transfer and use Pokémon from Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, and Pokémon Yellow, with players having to use those included in the game.

Pokémon Stadium, known in Japan as Pokémon Stadium 2 following a previous Japan-only title, was originally released in 2000. The game includes four tournaments where players take on a series of opponents, a Gym Leader Castle mode that features battles against the eight Kanto gym leaders and the Elite Four, and multiplayer mini-games and versus battles.



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