Kingdom: The Blood Trailers Released

Two trailers have surfaced for the upcoming game Kingdom: The Blood, which set to release on PC and mobile platforms. Developed by Action Square, the game is a zombie action adventure RPG based on the popular Korean drama series Kingdom.

Kingdom: The Blood contains single and multiplayer options for players to experience. It features an original cast of characters with 3D graphics in its setting of a fictional version of 16th century Joseon (Korea). The game will include a story mode, a conquest mode for five-minute battles, a multiplayer boss mode, PvP combat, and more.

The videos released consist of a gameplay trailer and a commentary trailer featuring producer Hyungseok Kang. The producer unveils details about the development team’s progress on the game, using the original series as a reference. He then talks about future development plans related to combat, gameplay, and more. A release date has not yet been announced.



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