Dragon Quest Treasures Shows Its Battles

Square Enix released more screenshots and details for Dragon Quest Treasures. Its latest blog post delves into the game’s action combat system, where protagonists Erik or Mia are joined by up to three AI-controlled monsters.

Combat is initiated simply by approaching an enemy. The controls are designed to be straightforward, with attacking and dodging both using single button presses. Allied monsters will battle as they see fit, with players able to let them work towards victory on their own while watching from the sidelines or focusing on digging up treasure.



Victory will reward players with experience points, gold, and items. Players can give basic orders, telling the party of gather round or go on the offensive. Direct intervention from Erik and Mia comes from their Dragon Daggers and catapults. The Dragon Daggers can be used to attack monsters in melee range or break open crates, as well as to heal. Catapults can be used to attack enemies at range and use pellets that can be picked up or purchased. There are different types of pellets, which can deal different damage types, buff and heal allies, or even help recruit new monsters.

Dragon Quest Treasures features special chain attacks called Monster Medleys, as well as unique special attacks. These unique attacks utilise the Dagger Gauge, which builds every time Erik or Mia hits an enemy with the Dragon Daggers. Once the gauge is full, they or their monster allies can “Unleash the Dragon”. For Erik or Mia, this sees them enter a state called Wild Side, which temporarily boosts their stats and movement speed. For party monsters, this unleashes a special cinematic attack that deals great damage.



Finally, the game will include medals, which players can equip on monsters. These medals increase monster stats and can be found in chests or dropped by enemy monsters. Each medal comes in four ranks, with the player’s gang rank determining how many medals can be equipped at once.

Dragon Quest Treasures was originally teased as a new Dragon Quest Monsters game in 2018. The game follows siblings Erik and Mia — younger versions of the characters from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age — who seek to obtain the seven Dragonstones. The game will release worldwide for Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.



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