Pineapple Works Publishing Of Blades & Tails

Publisher Pineapple Works announced it has partnered with solo developer Felix Laukel for the release of Of Blades & Tails. The turn-based RPG is in development for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, and is curently planned for release in Q3 2023. A demo is currently available to try out on Steam.

Of Blades & Tails features an animalistic setting with pixel-based graphics and puts players in control of fox tribe member Reik. Events end up sending Reik on a quest away from his home town to get strong enough to stand up to an evil threatening the creatures of the realm.

Gameplay is said to be inspired by a mixture of action titles like Diablo as well as classic turn-based RPGs including Tales of Maj’Eyal and Stoneshard. The game features an open world, with a main storyline and side quests as well as additional procedurally-generated dungeons and caves. It includes a classless character development system as well as factions and trading opportunities.



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