Digimon Survive’s Karma System Detailed

Bandai Namco provided some additional details for tactical RPG Digimon Survive ahead of its launch this week. The information covers the game’s Karma system and players choices, which can impact its story and certain gameplay elements.

Digimon Survive features a mixture of visual novel investigative sections and tactical combat. During the game, players will get many choices ranging from what they want to do in the morning to whether to engage in a fight or run away. None of the choices are considered “wrong”, but will affect protagonist Takuma’s Karma score.

The Karma score is spread across three values for Moral, Harmony, and Wrathful. Decisions focusing on justice or sacrifice will increase the Moral score and always appear on the left. Choices representing compassion and cooperation increase the Harmony score and appear on the right. Bold and direct options increase the Wrathful score and appear on the top. These score are aligned to specific Digimon attributes, with Moral aligning with Vaccine Digimon, Harmony aligning with Data Digimon, and Wrathful aligning with Virus Digimon.



These Digimon attributes indicate their personalities. Players will have multiple opportunities to talk with and recruit Digimon. Free Battle mode is one where players can talk to Digimon such Biyomon and recruit them. By successfully responding according to the Digimon’s personality, players can recruit them or request an item. A higher Karma score for their appropriate attribute will increase the chances of success.

Digimon attributes and the Karma system also come into play in the combat, with uses a rock-paper-scissors modifier. Vaccine is effective against Virus, which is effective against Data, which in turn is effective against Vaccine. In addition, Takuma’s Karma score will affect his partner Agumon’s Digivolution path, which follows the attribute from his highest value.

Digimon Survive follows a group of teenagers who get get lost on a school camping trip and end up in the digital world. It will have three story routes available in the first playthrough with a fourth hidden route unlocked after the game is completed once. The game will release for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch worldwide on July 29, 2022.


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