Coromon Video Details Its Battle System

Publisher Freedom Games and developer TRAGsoft released a new video for monster taming RPG Coromon ahead of the game’s release at the end of this month. The battle system featurette video offers some more details on the game’s turn-based combat, primarily covering its stamina and skill system, and multi-phase bosses.

Coromon is a monster taming RPG inspired by GBA-era JRPGs and will release on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch on March 31, 2022. The game sees players journey across the Velua region and collecting the eponymous creatures while stopping a nefarious organisation from unleashing the Coromon Titans’ powers upon the world. The game features puzzle-filled dungeons, multi-stage boss fights, four difficulty modes, and a built-in “Nuzlocke” challenge mode. Those interested in reading more about Coromon can check out RPGamer’s impression from E3 2021.



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