Black Legend Reveals Classes, Alchemy System

Developer Warcave provided new details for its upcoming tactical RPG Black Legend. The update details the game’s fifteen playable classes, as well as its alchemy system. The full list of classes, along with Warcave’s descriptions, is as follows, with images at the bottom of the article:

  • Alchemist — Trained in the noble art of Alchemy, these heavily armored individuals spend day and night perfecting their skills in battle, supporting allies and debilitating opponents with a mixture of powders, explosions, and concoctions.
  • Buccaneer — The stigma of jolly sailors means very little to this ocean-hardened folk. Armed with both melee and ranged options, they wield a variety of tools and curses to be as versatile as possible a part of their crew.
  • Commander — Beacons of inspiration on the battlefield, these tacticians point out targets, inspire comrades and instill fear in enemies, carrying that momentum alongside their allies through their own offensive abilities.
  • Doppelsoldner — People trained in the art of the greatsword rely on heavy damage in the fray of battle to set up their allies for devastating results. The wide swings can strike multiple enemies, while the strong blade is designed to primarily injure fellow humans.
  • Dragoon — Light on their feet and specialized in Pyrokinetics, Dragoons leaves a blazing trail in their wake. With zero regard for their own safety, many who face Dragoons are reduced to naught but ash.
  • Duelist — Bearers of slender steel and unshaken honor, these masters of the blade employ any and all tactics to ensure victory in head-on combat. Their strength, speed, and skill are only matched by a few, and they would not have it any other way.
  • Executioner — Justice is inescapable when placed in the capable hands of these merciless men and women. Clad in heavy armor, they deliver death swiftly and efficiently, either by axe or bullet.
  • Guard — Stalwart protectors of the weak, their shields deflect even the worst of harm, while their arms inflict proper retribution on the offenders. In battle, one cannot find tougher opponents, requiring a solid offense plan to counter their impressive defense.
  • Inquisitor — Hunters who roam the streets, searching for corruption in any form. Dedicated to protecting mankind from all things unnatural, one wonders how much of their own humanity they left behind in their search for the powers to do so…
  • Landsknecht — Proud bearers of spears and halberds, hardened by years of marching through all landscapes known to man. Their endurance training makes them the quickest on the field when it comes to bearing heavy armor, excelling at reducing enemy mobility when they’re on the offensive.
  • Marauder — Heavy weapons and light armor define the overall tactics employed by these ruffians, relying on brute power and speed to overwhelm opponents.
  • Mercenary — The base, the foundation of all warfare in the world. These men and women fight for no cause, no glory nor creed, but mere coin. How fitting then, to start your journey this way. Their lack of advanced battle techniques is offset by their ability to adapt to any situation by being able to equip all weapons and armor.
  • Plague Doctor — Masters of Humorism, the body holds no secrets for these patrons of pestilence. What can cure can also kill, and their relentless studies have made them both deadly opponents as well as wondrous companions.
  • Rogue — The term ‘scoundrel’ is not an insult but a title for the shady rulers of the streets. Agile and cunning, they can identify weaknesses and exploit them with ease before retreating back to the safety of the shrouds of Grant.
  • Sharpshooter — Masters of crossbow and rifle, these soldiers rule from the edges of the battlefield, sniping distant targets with deadly accuracy. Keep their enemies at a distance, and in turn, they will keep the enemy at death’s door with ease.

In addition, Black Legend’s alchemy is inspired by historical processes, including the four stages of the magnum opus. The stages in order are nigredo (blackness), albedo (whiteness), citrinitas (yellowness), and rubedo (redness). These stages can be combined in combat to produce various combat effects, with eight examples given, each represented by a colour:

  • Bronze (disease) — Rubedo and citrinitas
  • Red (external bleeding) — Rubedo
  • Crimson (internal bleeding) — Rubedo and nigredo
  • Black (heavy impact / black bile) — Nigredo
  • Silver (poison) — Albedo and nigredo
  • White (sharp weapons / metal poisoning) — Albedo
  • Gold (weakness of the mind and soul) — Albedo and citrinitas
  • Yellow (explosives / yellow bile) — Citrinitas

Black Legend is heavily inspired by 17th-century folklore and stories from Belgium and the Netherlands, including creatures such as nekkers, Halewijn, Witte Wieven, and Old Red Eyes. Players lead a band of mercenaries into the city of Grant, which is currently shrouded in a madness-inducing fog and under the control of cultists following the great alchemist Mephisto. The game is in development for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch and is planned for launch in 2021.



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