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Black Legend Review

Players lead a group of mercenaries in turn-based battles to save the foggy city of Grant. Based on 17th-century European folklore, Black Legend includes an original set of classes, enemies, and sidequests.

Black Legend’s Folklore Detailed

Warcave provided some details on some of the creatures of folklore appearing in Black Legend. Such fearsome legends include Old Red Eyes, Nekkers, the Witte Wieven, Lord Halewijn, and the Blood Carriage.

Black Legend Reveals Classes, Alchemy System

Warcave introduced all fifteen of the playable classes in tactical RPG Black Legend. The developer also detailed the game’s alchemy system, which is based on the four stages of the magnum opus.

Black Legend Demo Now Available

Black Legend’s demo, previously available as part of the Steam Game Festival, is now playable on a more permanent basis. Developer Warcave also provided a new overview trailer for the game, which launches next year.

Black Legend Impression

Black Legend is Warcave’s new tactical RPG set in a 17th century-inspired cursed city called Grant. Exploring its alleys rewards with equipment and potential new allies, but cultists and monsters are lurking in the fog…

Warcave Announces Black Legend

Black Legend is an upcoming tactical RPG heavily inspired by 17th-century folklore and stories from Belgium and the Netherlands. The game is expected to hit PC and consoles next year.