Genshin Impact Gets Icy in The Chalk Prince and the Dragon Update

Developer miHoYo has announced the release date for the newest update to its open-world action RPG Genshin Impact. Version 1.2, “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon”, provides the game’s first map expansion, adding the mountain range of Dragonspine to the south of Mondstadt. Dragonspine is perpetually covered in ice, forcing players to contend with the hostile weather conditions by keeping an eye on the new Sheer Cold bar. Dragonspine is also home to a seasonal questline that introduces two new playable characters: the genius alchemist Albedo, on a search for information about the mysterious sword Festering Desire, and the Cyro archer Ganyu. The update will include new creatures, rare artifacts, and recipes for multiple four-star weapons.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action RPG set in the world of Teyvat. Players control a character known as the Traveler and must embark on a journey to find their missing sibling. It released for Android, iOS, PC, and PlayStation 4 in September 2020, and is playable via backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version is also planned. “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon” will release on December 23, 2020.



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