Deck-Building RPG Deck of Ashes Coming to Consoles

Publisher Buka Entertainment has announced that it is bringing developer AY Games’ dark fantasy deck-building RPG Deck of Ashes to consoles next year. After a long Early Access period, the game released for PC and Mac in June of this year. Now it will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in spring 2021, along with timed-exclusive new character, the elven archer Sibyl the Dark Soul.

Deck of Ashes takes place in a world that has been afflicted by an event known as the Ash Curse. An ancient artifact known as the Ash Box was inadvertently opened, setting free a great cloud of ash. Now, a group of rogues has banded together to loot, plunder, and work toward lifting the Ash Curse. Players build decks and customize cards as they explore a procedurally-generated world with different biomes and permadeath. Each playable character also has a unique story campaign.



Pascal Tekaia

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