Deck of Ashes

Deck of Ashes sees players leading a team of antiheroes as they seek redemption by dispelling the Ash Curse. Players assemble a deck of cards as they explore the procedurally-generated world, using them in turn-based battles against enemies.

AY Games
AY Games
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Deck of Ashes Available Now

Deck of Ashes is out of Early Access after 14 months. New buyers will get some digital extras for a limited time for the deck-building RPG.

Deck of Ashes Finds Release Date

After over a year in Early Access, Deck of Ashes will discover its full release next month. Buyers can expect some bonus content in the game’s Day One edition.

Deck of Ashes Gets Story Trailer

AY Games has released a trailer detailing the plot of its deck-building RPG Deck of Ashes where a horrid plague has been unleashed upon the land by a group known as The Outcasts. Outcast members must now fight others on their quest to redeem themselves.