The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes’ Black Boar Main Hub Detailed

Publisher Wild River Games has released a video tutorial detailing the Black Boar inn, the main hub for Random Potion’s upcoming RPG The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes. Between quests, players can prepare at the inn by visiting the fortune teller for character upgrades or seeing the merchant to upgrade their gear or sell off loot. Those playing solo can hire henchmen to accompany them on their travels, while the notice board offers a choice of quests and lets players set up a co-op game. There is even a forge and an alchemist table for those who have the skill and materials to make their own equipment, a personal chest to keep belongings, and a bookshelf for tutorials and lore.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is a top-down RPG based on the long-running tabletop RPG series, The Dark Eye. It will feature dynamically-generated maps and familiar characters, locations, and events from the Dark Eye universe. It will also include cooperative multiplayer for up to four players. The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes will launch for PC via Steam on June 9, 2020.



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