Return to Indivisible to Face Razmi’s Challenges

The PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of Lab Zero Games and 505 Games’ action RPG Indivisible now have new DLC available. Razmi’s Challenges is a collection of forty small-scale challenge scenarios for players to complete, ranging in nature from combat to simple traversal. Complementing the update is a new side-story featuring the deadpan and morose witch Razmi. Players will be able to begin accessing these challenges after reaching Mt. Sumeru in the main game, with additional challenges becoming available as new traversal abilities and skills are acquired.

Indivisible released in 2019, with a Nintendo Switch version releasing last month, and follows the journey of Ajna and her Incarnation companions. Ajna can explore world maps that feature platforming elements before engaging enemies in turn-based combat. Those looking to learn more about the game can check out Pascal Tekaia’s review of the PC version. Razmi’s Challenges is available now for $7.99.



Pascal Tekaia

Pascal joined up with RPGamer in 2015 as a reviewer and news reporter. He's one of THOSE who appreciate a good turn-based JRPG grind almost as much as an amazing story.

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